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Complaints and goods return

Non-fitting goods will be replaced!


Procedure for goods replacement/return in 30 days

1. Please complete the pre-printed form for goods return you received with the delivery together with the respective invoice. If you can no longer find the form, no problem, you can find it and print a new one for your use HERE.

2. Place the goods to be returned unused in the original packaging together with the completed return form.

3. Try to wrap the box in a way that prevents damage to the box and its contents during transport. The best material to wrap the box in is bubble wrap, brown paper, or a bigger box. The same role may also be performed by a strong plastic bag. Do not degrade the original shoe box by directly sealing it!

4. Send the packed goods to our store at the following address:

Komerční 466
251 01  Nupaky

Do not return the goods using the “cash-on-delivery” method under any circumstance! Such a delivery will not be accepted and your request will not be settled. We recommend sending the parcel back by registered mail with the content sured in the amount of the goods price. That service will be offered to you by the postal licence holder sending your parcel. If anything happens to the parcel on the way to us you will receive your money back against submission of the mailing certificate.

We will inspect the goods upon return and inform you by e-mail about the potential deadline for settlement of your case and when the replacement goods are expected to sent back to you.

The replacement goods delivery date depends on the current stock availability. If the goods are in stock, we will deliver the required size to you by return post.


1. The goods must be returned within 30 days from their receipt.

2. The goods must not be worn and must be fit for further sale.

3. The goods must be wrapped in the original package, which cannot be damaged. Any use of a sealing tape, inscriptions, stickers, holes, dirt, grease, humidity, etc., is considered damage to the packaging material.

4. Try goods on in a clean and dry interior environment, as your complaint or request for goods replacement can only be settled if the goods are clean, undamaged, unwashed, dry and with their original labels.

5. Try purchased shoes on a clean and dry surface, for example, at home on a carpet, floor tiles, etc. If you decide to return the goods or file a complaint and the soles show signs of walking on them or (albeit slight) wear and tear, your complaint cannot be accepted. The box is part of the product, and in the case of goods return or replacement even the box must be clean and in good condition like the shoes inside it.

6. If returned goods are found to be damaged in a way that could not be caused by their manufacture (scratches, stains, torn off zipper lugs, etc.), the goods will be returned back to you at your cost.


Before you decide to file a complaint please carefully read the Rules of Complaints, where you will find all of the information necessary for filing a complaint and also formulations of all rights and liabilities of the seller and the buyer.